How to install Meera Font


The font used in arabiannewspaper site is Meera Unicode. If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome you will be able to see the site properly, even if this font is not installed in your computer.But, for some browsers installation of Meera font is a compulsion for a proper visibility of the site.


Meera unicode font designed by Hussain.K.H., Suresh.P., Santhosh Thottingal, Rajeesh Nambiar, (Swathanthra Malayalam Computing)

Meera font installation and setup in Windows

Download Meera font and copy it. Then, goto Controlpanel open fonts folder and paste Meera font.

Meera font installation and setup in linux


Create a directory for meera font, say, /usr/local/share/fonts/ttfmeera

mkdir /usr/local/share/fonts/ttfmeera

cp meera_04-2.ttf/usr/local/share/fonts/ttfmeera

ttmkfdir -o fonts.scale

cd /usr/local/share/fonts/ttfmeera

head -1 fonts.scale > fonts.dir

tail +2 fonts.scale | tac >> fonts.dir

cp fonts.dir fonts.scale

xset +fp /usr/local/share/fonts/ttfmeera

To verify that the font is installed properly,

xset q



If you are using a KDE desktop, start the 'KDE Control Centre'. Under 'System Administration', there is a 'Font Installer' utility. Switch to the Admin mode to install the new font from the font installer.